We have managed complex corporate insolvency matters as well as represented Liquidators and Receivers and Managers before the Courts in Cyprus securing novel judgement in favor of our Clients. 

We have acted in favor of Liquidators in cases of Airline liquidations both as Legal advisors but also in our capacity as Litigators. We have also managed a number of Liquidations where we were nominated as Liquidators by the shareholders of the Company.

In terms of Personal insolvency ie Bankruptcy, we have represented before the Courts both Creditors and Debtors and have achieved settlement claims in favor of our Clients.

  • Personal and Corporate Litigation.
  • Advice on the Liquidation Process, Receivership, Bankruptcies, Securities (Floating and Fixed), and Corporate Strike-offs.
  • Restructuring and Our of Court Settlements. 
  • Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.