Y. Habari & Co. LLC is a Boutique Corporate and Commercial Law Firm offering a full range of corporate and commercial law services to the Business community in Cyprus and overseas. 

Apart from our Corporate Services which include the formation and Administration of Companies we regularly provide our Clients with insights into Corporate Governance, drafting of Commercial contracts, Corporate Securities, Legal Due Diligence when undertaking a Merger or Acquisition of Companies, as well as a number of other services which Corporations require when doing business in Cyprus.

We have advised Distribution companies with regards to the Cyprus Import and Export Legislation and EU Regulation, as well as, Companies dealing with product design and manufacturing. 

We have also been involved Licensing where we handled our foreign Clients licensing procedures for the Registration and Acquisition of the necessary permits to market and promote their products in Cyprus and the EU.

  • Cyprus Investment Firms.
  • Import and Export Legislation and EU Regulation.
  • Licensing of Products and the legalities involved in for the Manufacturing Process.
  • Set up of Distribution companies and drafting of various Distribution agreements, as well as a host of services to facilitate the Distribution operations. 
  • Corporate Litigation.
  • Corporate Governance.
  • Mergers & Acquisition.
  • Legal Due Diligence 
  • Branch Registration
  • Drafting of Commercial Agreements and Corporate Documents.
    • Share Acquisition and Share Purchase Agreements.
    • Shareholders Agreements.
    • Instruments of Transfer
    • Options agreements.
    • Joint venture Agreements
    • NDAs and Non-Solicitation and Non-Circumvention Agreements
    • MOUs, LOIs, as well as the final agreements.
    • Acquisition and Disposal of Assets.