Cyprus Companies regularly employ foreign staff many of which are non EU and non Cypriots, in which case, the prospective employee will need to acquire the necessary Work Permits and/or Entry Permit to legally enter and work in Cyprus.

The procedure under which the Application will be submitted will depend upon the circumstances of the case, the type of work permit which the Employee will require, the type of Company which will be employing the Employee, as well as the type of work which the Employee will be undertaking. 

Provided that the Permit is approved, the Employee will typically be entitled to work for a period of 4 years, however, in certain circumstances this period may be extended and/or may be bypassed altogether considering the nature and scope of Employment. Together with the Entry Permit for the Employee, we also secure the entry permit for the Employee’s family (spouse and children). 

Our Client’s regularly retain our services to provide for them specialized immigration services for their foreign workforce to ensure that upon arrival all the permits are in place.

  • We advise our Clients as to the merits of their application before they proceed with submissions.
  • Collect the documents for the Client together with any supporting documents which the Relevant Authorities will require to evaluate the application.
  • Draft and submit the application and follow up with the immigration office to ensure the swift completion of the application.
  • Arrange for housing options, insurance policies for the Applicant and their family, schools for their children, and other amenities which they may require to make their stay more comfortable. 
  • Ensure that the whole family is covered under the Entry Permit to avoid separation of the family.