Entry Permits into the Island come in many forms, one of which is a Visitors Visa and/or Tourist Visa. Typically under a Temporary Entry Permit the person applying can remain on the Island for a maximum period of 3 months. 

Temporary Visas are normally issued at the Airport in which case the procedure is straight forward because the Immigration Officer handling your application will simply update the System and stamp your passport with a Visa Stamp.  There are situations where the person arriving will  be arriving from a country that requires a pre-approval before arriving in which case it is advised that the application for Entry Permit should be completed before the flight to Cyprus. 

The Temporary Residence Permit does not allow for any form of employment on the Island in which case if the purpose of the visit is for employment purposes it is advisable that the necessary permits are issued in order to avoid refusal of entry or breach of your Entry Permit. 

We are regularly retained by our Clients to provide for them immigration services whereby we arrange for Temporary Entry Permits are issued for particular persons for a particular purpose and for a particular period of time. For instance persons travelling to Cyprus to offer services, strictly speaking this is a breach of a Tourist Visa as the provision of Services does not fall under the permitted actions under a Tourist Visa.

Subsequently, our Firm provides our clients with specialized Immigration services to ensure the their smooth operations without any fear of prosecutions or breach of Entry Permits

  • Advise you on the Type of Entry Permit which you will require.
  • Collect the necessary documents which will need to be submitted with the Competent Authorities to evaluate your application. 
  • Draft the application and submit it for evaluation.
  • Liaise with the Government Authorities for the update of your application and inform you on the status.