Under the Cyprus Constitution and Immigration laws, Persons with Cypriot Heritage may be entitled to acquire the Cypriot and hence the EU Citizenship. It is very common that Cypriot ex-pats such as British nationals who have Cypriot heritage apply and acquire the Cypriot Citizenship, more so now than before with the looming Brexit eventuality. In other words, British citizens with Cypriot rooms who fear risking losing their EU status may be entitled to acquire the Cypriot citizenship and retain their freedom as EU citizens to move freely within the EU, work with the EU, and generally enjoy the same benefits and advantages which they had previously enjoyed. 

The same situation applies with non-EU spouses of Cypriots, in other words, individuals who are married to citizens of Cyprus may acquire the EU citizenship after years of marriage that is supported by peaceful and harmonious cohabitation.

  • Our Firm regularly advises Ex-Pats on the criteria which the applicant must meet for the naturalization application to be successful. 
  • We advise our Client’s on the necessary supporting documents and assist them with collecting such documents from the Registries in Cyprus if they are residing overseas. 
  • Following the collection of documents we draft their application and submit to the appropriate Governmental  Registry for evaluation. 
  • We shall notify our Client as to the Status of their Application.