Cyprus Immigration Law provides that under certain circumstances and provided the relevant criteria are met, foreign nationals, who have legally resided on the island for a minimum of 7 years prior to filling of the Application may be entitled to acquire the Cypriot citizenship. 

It is provided that in the case of aliens who are either parents or children of Cypriot citizens, this time may be reduced to five years rather than seven. 

In either case however, the applicant must have remained legally and uninterruptedly on the Island for a period of at least 12 months prior to the date of application.

  • We advise our Clients on the criteria and the merits of their application. 
  • We advise our Client’s on the necessary supporting documents and assist them with collecting such documents from the Registries in Cyprus if they are overseas. 
  • Following the collection of documents we draft their application and submit to the appropriate Governmental  Registry for evaluation. 
  • We shall notify our Client as to the Status of their Application.