Considering that many of our Clients are foreign nationals that reside and work in Cyprus we have substantial experience on the Employment provisions when dealing with Third Country Nationals. 

In addition to this, as Cyprus is a popular destination to establish a business base because of its relative low corporate tax of 12.5% plus the relatively less expensive setting up cost as opposed to other jurisdictions, plus the very high level of Education, it is regularly chosen by foreigners companies who seek to enjoy the benefits provided to them from Cyprus, and many times they migrate a substantial part of their work force to Cyprus. 

It is therefore a large part of our Employment and Labor Relations to cater for this growing market.

The situation is slightly different with EU nationals as there are no employment restrictions but still need to go through the appropriate governmental channels prior to being able to legally work in Cyprus.

  • Securing the necessary entry permits from the immigration department.
  • Liaising with all the relevant Governmental Authorities to secure work permits for every foreign worker. 
  • Arrange for entry and/or work permits for Family Members of foreign workers. 
  • Assist with banking services, insurance coverage, housing, schooling as well as other amenities which foreign workers, and their families, may require during their stay on the island.  
  • Advice on Employment benefits, Rights when Forming a new Employment Relationship or Terminating an existing Employment Relationship
  • Drafting / Reviewing of Employment Contracts. 
  • Representation before the Employment Tribunal.