The traditional model of money is slowly by surely starting to change from fiat currency to cryptocurrency. New technologies and business models have started integrating the financial world and on the way to hold an essential role in the global market. 

Y. Habari & Co. LLC is at the forefront of this technological breakthrough in the financial market providing advice on the legal mechanics surrounding e-commerce and cryptocurrency transactions. Additionally, we have advised cryptocurrency companies on the legalities of their business models and the drafting of their contracts moving away from the traditional fiat currency to e-currency. 

Our services in this sector are supported by a good understanding of business, contract law, and technology knowing the possible pitfalls which our Clients may face and taking proactive measures to avoid them.

We regularly advise clients whether the cryptocurrency company itself and/or cryptocurrency traders and/or cryptocurrency miners.

  • Advice on the Legal Framework in Cyprus regarding the Registration, Management, Trading, and owning Cryptocurrency as means of exchange, and/or Asset Management. 
  • Drafting of Software and E-Commerce Agreements.
  • Designing the Legal Framework surrounding Intellectual Property Rights, Data Recovery, Licensing and Royalties, Payment with Cryptocurrency for goods and Services, Cyber Security. 
  • Tax implications from E-Commerce and Crypto Currency exchanges.
  • Banking Facilities related to Cryptocurrency.
  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICO).
  • E-Wallet, Data Protection, and Cyber security Agreements.