We cooperate with a number of Cyprus and overseas banks for the provision of Banking facilities to our Clients. We can provide our Clients with access to Corporate, Investment, and Personal Banking facilities. In addition, we undertake management of Bank accounts, escrow services and signatory rights to the Account if our Clients require this service.

The Bank accounts which we facilitate are either for a one off transaction or long term and on going business relationship with the Bank. 

The Procedure which we follow when introducing clients to our Banking partners is verifying the documents for KYC purposes, preparing the Bank opening Forms and liaise with the Bank to provide the necessary Banking facilities to accommodate the purpose for which the Account is being opened. 

  • Discussing with our Clients to understand the legal frame work of the transaction(s) and accordingly will advise on the type of Banking facilities which you will require.
  • Advise the Client on which of the Banks which we work with provide the required Banking facilities and it the Client wishes to work with another bank we liaise with the Bank to explain the concept and legal frame work and instruct the bank accordingly. 
  • Undertake KYC and Due Diligence background checks on the Applicant and advise on what steps need to be taken and/or what documents need to be provided in order to proceed with the Bank account opening. 
  • Upon the advice of the Client and having collected all the information we draft the Bank account opening forms and submitting them to the Client for signing. 
  • Submission of Bank account forms and liaising with the Bank to ensure that the application is reviewed and any questions answered. 
  • The banks which we work with offer our Clients with Credit Facilities, Current and Saving Accounts, Internet Banking Facilities, Escrow Services,  as well as a host of other Banking facilities.
  • The provision of Escrow Services and Bank Account signatory services